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I tested for you: Cap'Cabane

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Today I was given a mission: to make you discover an unusual accommodation in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park. Cap'Cabane is waiting for us, follow me!

Looking for an unusual and environmentally friendly accommodation, my choice fell on Weather in Cap'Cabane in Captieux. By consulting the website, I was seduced by these cocoons lost in the middle of the pines. The environmental commitments of the place have finished convincing me: we will spend the night in the South Gironde.

On arrival, I am surprised by the extent of the site: we are in the middle of the forest! The equipment is perfectly integrated into this green setting. A car park allows vehicles to be left at the entrance. Direction the reception where I am explained the operation of my hut, the restoration and the toilets.

cap cabane

A forest path leads to my hut, number eleven. I immediately notice that the layout and spacing of each of them, as well as the orientation of the bacon, cleverly limit the vis-à-vis. A staircase leads to a first landing where deck chairs and a hammock await me. I reach my nest on the upper floor where I like the balcony: subject to vertigo, I was a little afraid of the height. I then discover a round piece whose refined style and delicious smell of wood I appreciate. There is a Scandinavian side that I love.
Childishly, I rush to pull on the rope that folds up the protective canvas of the roof, I look forward to seeing the stars from my bed.

Once installed, I test the dry toilets at the foot of the hut. I admit, I was a little apprehensive. I am pleasantly surprised by this system that I did not know.

It's hot, I decide to test the swimming pool in natural waters. A shower reserved for my hut is available in the toilet block. The pool is fed by water flowing through aquatic plants. I share this bath with a few fish… total disconnection.

In the evening, head to the open-air restaurant and its organic cuisine. Nothing to say here again. We enjoy ourselves, and what a pleasure to dine with the song of the cicadas. For holidaymakers who wish, a collective kitchen is available with fridges and private cupboards.

I have to admit, I spent a night of great peace: when you're a city dweller, you're surprised by the silence. The promised stars were there and I still insist on the smell of wood that hovered in the cabin which plunges me back into the atmosphere just by mentioning it. At 9am, we came to drop off a basket with the organic breakfast on the lower floor, which I enjoyed in the sun on the balcony, taking all my time. It's hard to imagine leaving after that!

Most : the concept, the simplicity of the hut, the swimming pool in natural waters, the integration in the forest.

The lessers : honestly nothing other than not staying long enough.

Weather in Cap'Cabane – Route de Lucmau – 33840 CAPTIEUX
Phone. 06 79 36 29 01 email: